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Sunshine Corner

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

“Sunshine Corner it is very fine

It’s for children under ninety-nine

All are welcome

Every seat is free

Come to Sunshine Corner

It’s the place for me.”

Sunshine Corner was the place to be on a Friday night at Crawforddyke Pavilion in the 60’s and 70’s.  It was first led by Mr David Watson and then by Mr John McEwen who were both members of Carluke Gospel Hall.  We would eagerly turn up with our freshly washed faces anticipating the sweetie that would come our way from one of the helpers if it was clean and we had our collection penny in our pockets.

The old wooden pavilion sat in the Crawforddyke playing park at Glenafeoch Road entrance.  This is where we gathered every Friday night until it sadly burned down.  The meetings then had to be moved to Crawforddyke Primary School where they were led by Mr Peter Hinshelwood.

We looked forward to our Friday night entertainment where we would learn bible stories and popular children’s hymns like “Running Over”, “Fishers of Men” and our club song “Sunshine Corner”.  At the interval we were served with a cup of hot tea and a plain biscuit.

We had many happy times at the Christmas parties and Summer activities that the kind group of members of the Gospel Hall also ran at the Pavilion.

Sunshine Corner was definitely the place to be on a Friday night come hail, rain or shine.

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