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Carluke House Names Project

Carluke House Names Project is an exciting project to which everyone can contribute. To date we have recorded around 700 local house and place names.

The idea of recording all the house names of Carluke was first mooted by Christine Warren, Honorary President of Carluke Parish Historical Society (CPHS), who recognised the value of these names to social and family history.

Until the Second World War, a house name was sufficient to identify a specific address, especially in rural areas such as Carluke. With the growth of towns and cities, street numbering became necessary and house names slowly began to fall out of use.

Historic documents such as letters, wills, or land registers often give only a house name, e.g. Cleughearn, Carluke, but we do not always know the exact location. CPHS receives many requests for information from people tracing their ancestors, and sometimes the only clue they have is the name of a house where their forebears lived. The Carluke House Names Project is an attempt to create a reference tool to help historical researchers to answer these and similar questions.

Many people have already added the name of their own house or names remembered from childhood. CPHS members have also studied old maps, Post Office Directories, the Ordnance Survey Name Books 1858-1861 and other sources to uncover lost names.

Please let us know if your house has a name and its location. We are also interested in the names of any previous owners or history associated with a house or place.

Please note: In accordance with data protection requirements we do not record the names or addresses of anyone still living.

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